Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Weekend Gazette, September 27-28, 2008

On this week's show, looking for gas in Georgia. Drivers in portions of north Georgia on the hunt for a station with fuel for a fill-up-what the Governor says. ‘Private probation’ for some people busted for a misdemeanor in Georgia. Does the process take advantage of the poor? And, a photographer talks about his work from Savannah’s Civil Rights Era. From the sports desk, we’ll chat with broadcaster Pete Van Wieren about the Braves’ dismal season, and hear the famous football calls of Larry Munson, who retired from the Georgia Bulldog microphone this week. All of that plus your Weekend Gazette calendar coming your way. Weekend Gazette airs Saturdays on GPB at noon, and again Sunday afternoons at 4PM.

Weekend Gazette, September 20-21, 2008

On this week’s show, the U-S economy made international headlines again this week when the feds stepped in to take over AIG. Here at home, Democratic leaders in the Georgia General Assembly are calling for a special session in the face of the state's looming 2.6 billion dollar budget shortfall. And, where does Georgia stand on the national political stage? All of that plus your Weekend Gazette calendar coming your way. Weekend Gazette airs Saturdays at noon on GPB, and again Sunday afternoons at 4PM.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Weekend Gazette, September 13-14, 2008

On this week’s show, we meet two men. Chuck Butler worked for a private security company which trains Iraqi police. Ayad Majeed was a translator for coalition forces, until he fled Iraq fearing for his life. Tune in for this remarkable story of how circumstances forged a relationship closer than blood. And, now in our series from around the southeast … from WOUT radio in Nashville, Tennessee reporter Chrissy Keuper on how poachers of American Wild Ginseng have threatened this once abundant and free wild species. We’ll also have your Weekend Gazette calendar, plus a look back at the week’s top news stories. Join host Valarie Edwards for Weekend Gazette on Saturdays at Noon, and again Sundays at 4:00PM here on GPB.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Weekend Gazette, September 8-9, 2008

On this week's show, we talk health care insurance with state Senator Judson Hill (R-Marietta). Hill says he's got a plan to provide health insurance for 'high risk' patients and the 'uninsurable.' And, he promises it won't cost Georgia taxpayers a dime. Then, it's off to Eastern Kentucky, where a centuries old tradition has one Christian group at odds with law enforcement officials. And, we meet paralympic athlete Curtis Lovejoy. A car accident more than 25 years ago left Curtis a quadrapeligic. Tune in to hear his amazing journey and how he became a world class athlete in two sports, swimming and fencing. All of that and more on Weekend Gazette, Saturdays at noon, here on GPB!

Watch footage of Curtis Lovejoy as he begins his daily four hour practice: